Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling

As one of the greatest transmedia stories of all time, Star Wars wasn’t built in a day.  In fact, the story arc has been gushing for decades.  And the Lucas empire isn’t done yet.  But the cool thing is, the core canon has been familiar to us since 1977.  And it connects to all of us – our shared fascination with myth and great conflict between good and evil.

When transmedia storytelling really works well, it behaves almost like a religion:

  1. a system of symbols and texts, which establish
  2. powerful, long-lasting moods in people, by telling us stories that
  3. make sense in our reality,
  4. stating these stories as absolute fact, which
  5. make these moods uniquely realistic.

– American anthropologist Clifford Geertz

So here are some questions to explore as you consider a transmedia adventure:

  1. Is there a story here? (can you envision heroes? villians? setting? timeframes? plots?)
  2. Can a rich experience be delivered? (can the story be spread around over various media in some engaging and profitable way?)

Of course, that’s only just scratching the surface.  Robert Pratten goes into a lot more detail.


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